Dressing Vroom Car Company Inc.
specializes in satisfying your automotive needs ....

  The principals behind Dressing Vroom Car Company Inc. have been servicing Automotive community since the late 1980's. We specialize in finding and selling European classic cars, mainly made by Mercedes-Benz such as W108, W109, W110, W111, W113, W114, W115 and morer or air cooled Porsche cars. Classic BMW, MG, Triumph, Jaguar, Fiat and Lancia cars are also easily available to us. In practise we can source and offer pretty much any vehicle your heart desires. We pride ourselves on sourcing fine pre-owned European, but not limited to vehicles at affordable prices. You can find vehicles sold by us on roads not only in Canada, USA but in many European countries. There is no limit how far we will go to find that perfect car for you.



  • brokerage services, delivery, transport, in Canada, Germany, Japan and USA
  • quality cars, made affordable anywhere in the world
  • full restoration capability in Europe

 We welcome your inquires. Let our 41 years of combined World wide experience work for you in your search for ideal Automobile. When dealing with a team at Dressing Vroom Car Company Inc. you will undoubtedly notice the total commitment to providing the best in customer service.

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