With the Canadian dollar reaching all time highs against the US "greenback", coupled with the fact that vehicles south of the border are less expensive, you might be thinking about buying your next car in USA. Before you do, you must be able to answer following questions:

  • is every vehicle admissible to Canada
  • where and from whom should I purchase to minimize exposure to fraud
  • do I have to pay duties and how much
  • is there anything else to pay
  • what about US customs, do I need to talk to them
  • transport of the vehicle
If you are unable to answer all questions maybe you should consider using us. We can:

  • source the vehicle, inspect it and purchase it

As a registered Automotive Dealer we have access to vehicles which are not available to general public. We purchase vehicles on "dealers only" auctions directly from the manufacturers or their financial services. Before you give us a "green light" to purchase the vehicle we will provide to you:

    • pictures
    • inspection report from the auction
    • mechanical inspection (done after the purchase)*
    • guarantee that every vehicle is clear of any liens
  • arrange transportation in USA to the border or closest city
  • paperwork at the border
  • inspections and registration of the vehicle in Canada
  • if necessary arrange transportation in Canada
  • custom leasing available

By allowing Dressing Vroom to handle your purchase of US vehicles not only does it alleviate the hassle, but in most cases you will save more money than if you purchased and import the vehicle yourself . Just remember, when importing a vehicle through Dressing Vroom, we include you in the purchasing steps to ensure 100% satisfaction.

To calculate an approximate cost please see our US Vehicle Price Calculator.

Any questions you may have, just call us at (250) 869-0115 or send us an e-mail at


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